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I'm All About Palm Trees and 80 Degrees

Updated: May 30, 2023

Have you ever thought about taking a beach vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast? Many years ago my wife and I started vacationing down on the Florida Gulf coast near Clearwater, Florida. In our travels we found a small, quaint place called Indian Shores. As the years passed, we loved the area so much that we decided to purchase some property there. Since we were to young to retire and settle there, we decided to share our beautiful property by renting it out to families around the United States. Our four condominiums offer a wide variety of beachfront vacationing. All of our condominiums are direct ocean front with endless panoramic views. All of our condominiums offer three bedrooms, two bathrooms, private parking, and heated pools and hot tubs. There is also a uniqueness between the units. One unit has a corner balcony which gives you two views of the ocean. Another unit has a spiral staircase that goes down directly to the pool. Also, two of our units are pet friendly. They also come fully equipped with all amenities inside: linens, kitchen supplies, etc.

What I think makes us most unique is that we have a mini-van stationed at the airport for your use when staying at the condominiums. It is so stress free to get you bags and go straight to the airport parking lot/garage. This alleviates lines, headaches, and hassles. This keeps things simple so you have more time to unwind at the beach. Check out our website at www. where we make vacationing easy. You are only clicks away from creating memories at this hidden paradise.

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Apr 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I want to take a trip there!

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