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Choosing the proper transportation for your beachfront vacation

 Deciding how to get from point A to point B on a vacation is very important. Actually, there are many things to take into account when planning vacation transportation. When planning a beach vacation having correct transportation to and from the airport can sometimes be difficult to plan. It is very important to be able to get around once you arrive at your destination. A couple of years ago during the pandemic, and even sometimes today, a guest may encounter problems renting a car or even Ubering. Because of this, my wife and I have decided to have all four of our direct oceanfront condominiums located in Indian Shores Florida be equipped with transportation for the guest to use. All of my vacation rentals have an option to rent a minivan along with their vacation beach rental. Our minivan is a Toyota Sienna and has the seating capacity for eight. When renting one of our four condos you will also have direct access to a minivan. We have our minivans located at Tampa international airport or St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport. If you do not feel like driving to and from the airport we can just have your minivan waiting in the parking lot of your condominium. Upon departure you can just leave the vehicle in the parking spot if you would like and then we would be able to transport you back to the airport. This has become popular and convenient for our guest that have stayed in the past. Some past guests have commented on the convenience of it when coming back to stay the following year. They were even willing to move a week that was already booked to another week in order to just get a minivan rental. How it works is very similar to a normal rental car, but much easier and a lot more time saving. Prior to your vacation you will fill out proper information so when you arrive at the airport, this part of the rental is already taken care of. Upon arrival you will know the exact location of where your vehicle is located. After claiming your bags off the carousel at the airport, you will go straight to your destination where your vehicle is located. Also, prior to your vacation you will get specific directions and all updates to where your vehicle will be. There is also a 24 hour telephone number that will be answered if any problems do arise. Once you have located the vehicle you will be given a code to access the vehicle. If for any reason, the guest has not been granted access to the vehicle back up procedures are put in place to get you on the road. Our minivan has a GPS and the condominiums addresses are programmed in. Our transportation   has unlimited miles with no extra charge. We do not have any advertising or crazy rental fees, which helps keep the cost of renting down. Our minivan is fully insured and you also have an option to take out extra coverage if you would like. We offer a low budget operation with 100% customer satisfaction.

Should anything go wrong during the use of your vehicle, there is a 24 hour number to call for roadside assistance. In order to keep our cost down for our guest, we even have small, portable shop vac  located in the back of the vehicle. Routine maintenance, such as tire inspection, brakes and fluid checks is also very important to the safety of our minivan. This is our number one priority. Our minivans also come with a standard child safety seat. This makes it convenient for travelers not having to bring one on the airplane. Our minivan also comes with a Florida Sun Pass so all of the tolls and most parking garages are paid for. This also makes it very easy for getting around with not having to wait in long toll lines. It is much simpler to book both your condo and vehicle at the same time. The convenience of going straight to your vehicle eliminates waiting in long lines, headaches, and hassles. Any questions or more information please feel free to reach out at or 

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