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Rules for Bringing Pets onVacation

Updated: May 30, 2023

Approximately 66% of all households own pets of some sort. With that being said, many families across the United States when going on vacation would like to choose to bring their pets. Pets are popular among families because it has been proven that they help children's self-esteem. Bringing a pet on vacation prevents pet owners from getting stressed out by having a place for them to stay. Also, many pet owners get nervous leaving their pets at unfamiliar kennels or pet babysitters. When booking a vacation a guest should always ask if pets are allowed to come with them. Some rentals do allow pets, but their can be stipulations such as the size or breed of the pet. Your larger dogs of shedding breeds are not always accepted. A property owner looks at how much clean up their could be potentially be to help make that decision. It would also be good to let the pet owner know that their is usually an additional pet fee. The price range can vary depending on the owner, so it is always good to ask. One question to ask would be, "Is their places to walk the pet for exercise and bathroom needs?" Another question might be, "Can the dog can be unleashed in a safe manner?" A pet owner should keep this in mind making sure the situation is adaptable to their specific pet's needs.

In today's world believe it or not, pets have not only increased in population but also in rights. Over the years the American Disabilities Act has adopted federal laws that allow pets to go everywhere their owner goes. A couple of definitions of this is called a service animal or an emotional support animal. A service animal is defined as an animal (typically a dog) that has been trained to assist a person with a disability. These dogs are individually trained to do work or perform tasks to help support people's disabilities. Service animals have been helping people dating back all the way to 1927. These pets are usually recognized by having a red tag collar on them. They should also be accompanied with a license number to show where they did their training. Another type of category used for a pet is called and emotional support pet. This would be an animal that provides relief to individuals with psychiatric disability through companionship. Emotional support animals may be any type of pet and are not recognized as service animals under the American Disabilities Act. Sometimes a pet owner will run into "No Pets Allowed" signs. By knowing your rights and explained them to rental owners will help them understand the rules that they should legally accept. Leaving your pet behind can bring a lot of separation anxiety for the pet, along with the owner. When a pet owner knows his rights and expresses it to the potential vacation owner, he may be able to change his or her mind. Items to be discussed ahead of time may be the use of a kennel or if the pet is not allowed on the furniture. Some pet owners may also bring blankets to set on the furniture to keep down the pet hair and dander in the vacation unit. All of these are examples are ways that help accommodate guests bringing their pets along with owners embracing new generations of families changing life styles.

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